The GS1 Standardmaxresdefault

EAN changed it name to GS1 in February 2005

GS1 is a globally recognised identification system that is used in the supply chain through the use of the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) standard.

GTIN-13 Number

The GTIN-13 number is made of four components:

  • GS1 Prefix (first 3 digits)  – Usually identifies the national GS1 Member organisation
  • Company Number – (3 to 8 digits)
  • Item Reference – (2 to 6 digits)
  • Check digit – (A single checksum digit)

The GTIN standard is developed and maintained by the not-for-profit international GS1 organisation.


Standards document

GS1 Standard Mandatory for the NHS

In May 2014 the UK Department of Health mandated the use of GS1 standards as part of its eProcurement Strategy for the following:

  • All NHS suppliers and providers must adopt Global Location Numbers (GLN) which will be centralised in a GLN registry provided by the Department of Health
  • All NHS suppliers must provide a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) on all their items (products AND services)
  • Suppliers are required to place product data into a GS1-certified datapool to enable master data to be synchronised in near real time and shared globally with buying organisations



NHS eProcurement Strategy

We provide strategic consultancy on GS1 & PEPPOL Implementation in the NHS, GS1 management services and a PEPPOL access points (through our parent company cloudBuy).