Track IT Master Data Procurement Classification System

Track IT Master Data Procurement Classification / Coding System

What is Track-IT Master Data  (formerly known as NSV)

Track-IT Master Data is a unique procurement classification / coding system that allows organisations to drill down to item level and group like for like products together. This is achieved through the use of a 3 alpha / 5 numeric code linked to a standardized generic description.

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Track-IT Master Data codes provide structure

Track-IT Master Data Procurement Classification System Diagram

Track-IT Master Data Procurement Classification System Diagram

The diagram shows how Track-IT Master Data codes and standardized descriptions can provide a fundamental link between business processes and play an essential role in helping your organisation understand its expenditure on third party supplies and services.


Used by Hospitals in the UK & Ireland

We believe that NSV (Track-IT Master Data) provides us with industry leading granularity for product coding. All codes go through a strict quality assurance process before they are released.

Every Track-IT Master Data code is provided with the manufacturer product reference which is often key during project activity to matching their product with ours.

Pat Bailey – St James Hospital, Ireland

Procurement Classification for Spend Analysis

You can use Track-IT Master Data codes to improve your existing ERP reporting functions. Alternatively, if you are looking for an out of the box spend analysis solution Track-IT Master Data forms part of the SpendInsight solution provided by PLC.

GS1 and Track-IT Master Data

Easily link together GTIN codes for equivalent products (identical in function / description) from different suppliers.

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