Supplier Database Cleansing

Supplier Database Cleansing


  • Validation of the organisation’s supplier coding system or the creation of an appropriate new one
  • Application of a standardized conventions to avoid future duplication
  • Validation of top suppliers by spend for accuracy of information
  • Provision of full information on any problems encountered with supplier data
  • Identifying obsolete / renamed suppliers
  • Returning cleansed data in appropriate format


  • All mail correctly addressed to a standardized format
  • Supplier data ready to support a procurement card project / business case
  • Accurate records for spend analysis to support allocation of resources
  • Identification of issues for corporate reporting
  • Identification of collaboration and aggregation opportunities
  • Essential information for determining priorities and coverage for e-procurement
  • Essential information when considering replacing accounts payable or creditors systems
  • Does not waste valuable internal resources’ time performing a repetitive task

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