Service Map

Coding International  (CIL) Service Map

Service Description Benefits
Database Cleansing & Standardization & Historical Spend Analysis
  • Provision of NSV (or other) coding information, based on supplier catalogue number or detailed descriptions. Product descriptions in standardized format
  • Products / services checked for obsolescence, duplication or replacement
  • Supplier information checked for accuracy
  • A rationalized, standardized database of correct information, probably much reduced in size
  • Cost savings through benchmarking lowest price paid for all items
  • A clear picture of procurement history
  • Good management information
  • Improved customer service
  • More efficient use of staff resources
  • Letting tenders based on accurate historical spend, therefore gaining best price
Supplier Database Cleansing
  • Validation of the organisation’s supplier coding system or the creation of an appropriate new one
  • Application of a standardized conventions to avoid future duplication
  • Validation of top suppliers by spend for accuracy of information
  • Provision of full information on any problems encountered with supplier data
  • Identifying obsolete / renamed suppliers
  • Returning cleansed data in appropriate format
  • All mail correctly addressed to a standardized format
  • Supplier data ready to support a procurement card project / business case
  • Accurate records for spend analysis to support allocation of resources
  • Identification of issues for corporate reporting
  • Identification of collaboration and aggregation opportunities
  • Essential information for determining priorities and coverage for e-procurement
  • Essential information when considering replacing accounts payable or creditors systems
  • Does not waste valuable internal resources’ time performing a repetitive task
CPV / UNSPSC / NHS-eClass Coding
  • Provision of a quality assured database of CPV / UNSPSC / NHS-eClass codes
  • Cross references to suppliers (supplier names, addresses, catalogue numbers) where available
  • Cross references to NSV (optional)
  • Cross references to CPV / UNSPSC / NHS-eClass as appropriate (optional)
  • Updating of UNSPSC / CPV / NHS-eClass to the latest or chosen version
  • Regular updates as required
  • Ensures correct CPV code is added to tenders advertised by Public departments
  • Accurate, quality assured generic procurement classification structures to support sourcing, spend analysis, benchmarking and collaboration
  • Orders and contracts can be classified in a uniform manner with ad-hoc mappings being provided where needed within guaranteed response times
  • Easy to use search capabilities against full descriptions
  • Enables prospective suppliers to be recorded against their services and products to support future sourcing
  • Enables faster response to internal customers for sourcing, price benchmarking or current contract coverage
  • Ad-hoc coding requirements met against service levels
  • Easily downloadable into procurement or e-procurement systems
  • Notification of version updates and changes
  • Annual maintenance includes annual half day health check
Procurement Coding Health Check
  • Review existing procurement database & history (inc. coding, duplication, accuracy)
  • Review quality of the manufacturer / supplier database
  • Review quality of internal procurement catalogue
  • Use of current naming conventions, abbreviations, measurement standardizations, etc.
  • Use of technology and policies and procedures to support coding
  • Professional advice on best practice for coding and classification procedures
  • A technically independent view of the current state of the procurement database
  • A technically independent view of current state of the suppliers database
  • A realistic action plan tailored to meet the customer’s specific objectives
  • Advice on improved use of current procurement computer systems
  • Cost analysis of next steps (where relevant)
  • Recommended coding structures, relevant to the customer’s specific circumstances
Bespoke Coding / Classification Services
  • Design & implementation of new coding / classification systems
  • Maintenance / refresh of existing in-house coding / classification systems
  • One-off mappings
  • Etc.
  • Contact CIL for details